Monday, May 26, 2008

'Tis a Journey

This was one of those weekends that just didn’t turn out how I had planned – and I thank God for that. I am blessed with a wonderful family. I was able to slow down this weekend and appreciate that fact.

We went on a short day trip to Arkansas Sunday. Of course, the girls didn’t want to go (Aly was nursing a recently broken heart and Tab was crampy), Levi was game but concerned about eating and my husband was disappointed that he wasn’t driving. We went anyway. Mike relinquished the wheel, I told the girls they had no choice, and I fed Levi shortly after leaving the house.

The ride began quietly as the children sulked and listened to their MP3 players. However, a few miles into the trip Tab began talking, Aly started to smile, Mike tried to enjoy the scenery, and Levi was full and content. It rained most of the time we were in Eureka Springs, the yarn shop was closed and we only spotted a couple of art cars. But during the trip back, listening to the kids sing together in the back seat, I was reminded that sometimes the ride is better than the destination.

Though I didn’t get to attend the art car parade, visit the local yarn shop in Eureka Springs, plant flowers, or clean out the closet – I did get to see my oldest daughter grow even more and learn a life lesson in love/losing love, I saw Levi and Tab bond and laugh, I started a pretty groovy new knitting project with yarn I already had, I got see joy on my husband’s face after he planted the flowers of his choice, and I didn’t clean out the closet.

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