Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Urge to Purge

Maybe it is just the spring cleaning bug - but as of late I have been feeling the need to unload a lot the "stuff" my family has accumulated over the years. I've just got to unload! So this past weekend I went through my dresser and closet. Goodbye size 9 jeans I will never wear (and haven't in at least five years) - goodbye shoes I thought I just had to have. I put the clothes and some magazines on Freecyle and they were gone within an hour! I love Freecycle!

I even went through my yarn. Yes, the stash is a little skinnier now. I donated acrylics to Lana (aka knitandpray) for her good works with Newborns in Need and the local animal shelters - she rocks as a charity knitter! I have "donated" some yarn to my husband's flea market booth - maybe yarn will help buy food this month!

I must continue to lighten the load. The purging this week will relieve my house of access sheets, pillow cases, blankets, towels, kids clothes and shoes, arts and crafts stuff, books, and hopefully kitchen stuff. I will most definitely be freecycling most - if not all of this "stuff." I know Mike may want to try to sell some stuff at his upcoming yard sale or at the flea market, but I love the idea of passing on what you don't need to others - free of charge. I just want in all gone and if someone else can use it......yippee - we all win.

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