Sunday, June 8, 2008

Aim High and Shoot Low

Okay - I haven't totally purged all I had anticipated but made pretty good progress. The kids went through their clothes and shoes and we freecycled all. I couldn't believe the pile of stuff accumulated - the kids clothes and shoes were so tiny looking - obviously it's been a while since we cleaned out closets! Sadly, the freecycling did not go as smooth as the first time and I learned a few good lessons on how to fine tune my posts and replies. Live and learn and do better the next time, eh? I still need to tackle the linen closet and bathroom - maybe if I have a sudden burst of energy today I will do that.

I may be side-tracked and lead astray by my latest yarn-brain project. You see, I am on a pretty tight budget and must try to refrain from costly yarn and fiber related purchases - I am weak and this is not always easy for me. Needless to say I dare not venture to the local yarn store very often (which is only a mile from my house) and when I do I try to head straight for the clearance bins. But I do lust after good fibers and all tools of the knitting trade. So being the thrify knitter that I am - I keep my eye out for froggable sweaters at the local thrift stores and am always on the prowl for knitting tools. Yesterday I found a handknit mohair sweater for $1.98 and want unravel it and try overdying the yarn using Kool-Aid.

It would be much easier to unravel and skein using a swift - if only I had one. Soooooooo........ I recruited my super-smart, patient, ingenious, and loving husband to help me build a pvc pipe swift!!! I'm so excited!!! So far we've spent about $17.00 on the parts and pieces and I don't think we will need anything else, but you never know. So with any luck, today I may be "a froggin' me some mohair." Why yes, I am an Ozarkian native - why do you ask? Anyway, off to build a swift. Happy knitting all.

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