Sunday, June 29, 2008

As Time Flies

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you go, go, go all weekend long but on Sunday night you realize you haven’t really accomplished anything? I guess I had one of those weekends. Of course Saturday it rained like mad all morning and into the afternoon, but that didn’t stop Fern (my ex-mother-in-law) and I from hitting the thrift stores. We headed out to Ebenezer to hit the Saturday $2 per bag sale. It has been over 15 years since I’ve been there and well, it hasn’t changed much. In fact, they may still have some of the same things they had then! We dug and dug and managed to find some deals. I found a ball of cotton and some sort of other fiber slubby yarn, a couple of CD’s, a movie, a bra (yes, a bra), a shirt, some shorts for Mike, and the cutest little Baby Gap pajamas. Not bad for $2. Fern picked up a stereo, a little rocking chair, and a bag of $2 goodies. Aly was with us but she stayed in the van – she’s way too cool to thrift and used her van time to text message and listen to her i-Pod. Typical teen past-times that can be done most anywhere – as all you parents and grandparents know. We ate lunch then hit the Blind Thrift Store to add to our bargain hauls – Aly sat in the van and ate a banana split while she text messaged and listened to her i-Pod, what a multi-tasker.

I did frog a sweater and got bunches of lovely green yarn. I am calling the yarn Green Eagle – the sweater was an American Eagle Outfitters. The yarn is a wool, angora, and nylon blend – soft and chucky. I picked up one of those coffee mug racks at the DAV Thrift Store and Mike attached it to the fence with hooks so I can move the rack indoors in inclement weather. Here’s a photo of the Green Eagle after it was washed and hung to dry.

Another yarn related note – The Baby Blanket I started in 2006 is out of hibernation. Fern told me one of her granddaughters is having another baby and has requested I knit the baby a blanket. The Baby Blanket (yes it has been around in its unfinished form long enough that it has earned a title) is one I started for a friend of ours who had their baby during the ice storm of 2007 – I didn’t complete it. I then intended to finish it and give it to another one of Fern’s granddaughters whose baby was born about seven months ago – I didn’t finish it. This time I will finish! So I made a pact with Fern – I will finish the squares if she will crochet them together. Deal – we’re cookin’ now!

Saturday evening I watched The Bucket List. I would like to make my own bucket list one of these days. I don’t think so much about kicking the bucket too soon, but I do realize my life is turning a curve. You see, as of July 1st all my kids will be teenagers. Aly will be a junior in high school, Tab a sophomore, and Levi in 8th grade. I think I am feeling pre-empty nestish. Instead of a bucket list I should make a before-they-fly-away list. You know - the things I want to do as a family before they begin their own adult lives. One thing on the top of the list is take my trip with Tab. Levi and I went to Florida, Aly and I went to California, now it’s time for me and Tab. I only have a few more years and she will be off to college – so we need to make our plan Tab! Another thing on my list would be a family trip to Washington D.C. to see all the monuments and museums. Of course there are little things to do too – like playing in the fountain at Jordan Valley Park, going to a ball game, going fishing for a day, and having the kids photo taken at a portrait studio. Those are just a couple things I would like to do, I wonder what Mike and the kids would add to the list?

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Quiltersal said...

Love your blog! I'm near you in Marshfield. If you get a chance to read between knitting projects and thrift shopping, you might like Debbie Macomber's Twenty Wishes. It's similar to the Bucket List but more for women. I quick read. Happy 4th of July.